PP (PolyPropylene)
short fiber

JEONSAN DYNALON (P.P staple fiber)

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Our P.P S/F is a product manufactured using certified basic raw materials and is widely used throughout the entire industry. We are trusted by customers based on thorough basic raw material management, production management, and stable physical properties.

Product specifications

FINENESS (Denier, ASTM D1577) : 2 ~ 28
TENACITY (g/De, ASTM D3822) : 2 ~ 4.5
ELONGATION (% , ASTM D1455) : 60 ~ 450
CRIMP (No/Inch , KSK 0327) : 10 ~ 16
FIBER LENGTH (mm , KSK 0327) : 38 ~ 102
TOTAL FINISH (OPU, %, ASTM D629) : 0.1 ~ 0.7

Product Features

Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent anti-static property
(Bleaching, acid, alkali, alcohol, gasoline)
Excellent abrasion resistance and touch
High strength
Lightest specific gravity among fibers
Easy to remove contamination
Adhesion by heat is possible
Mp dyeing required
Excellent antibacterial resistance

Product Use

Automotive interior materials
Thermal bonding
Shoe insoles
Geotextiles (for civil engineering)
Oil repellant
For spinning
Needle punching
oil absorbent
Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic
Heat resistant

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